Our Team

Claudio Hirose

Claudio entered the personal training world at a very young age.  He spent his earlier years playing in his mom's own studio. This began his love for learning how to become and stay fit.  Claudio went on to get certification in personal training along with specializations in kickboxing, postnatal training, fascial stretch, pilates, and more!  He always stays up to date with the most current research so he can provide his clientale with optimal insights!

Amanda Hirose

Amanda started dancing at the age of 3.  She trained in ballet, tap, jazz and modern which included doing pilates before it became the trend it is today.  Amanda started dancing professionally at age 12 and teaching kids classes by the age of 16. Once she decided to start a family, she went back to university where she obtained a Bachelor's of Science in Nursing.  Constantly learning, she eventually obtained her personal training  and pilates certification. Between these backgrounds, she is able to provide a wealth of information from nutrition to body mechanics.


Above all, we are family who understands and can help you with life's obstacles involving schedule issues, childcare, all those things that can pop up  keeping you from taking that time for yourself.  Come be a part of our family and we will do this together!