Claudio is knowledgeable with great enthusiasm that makes getting motivated for personal fitness easy. Great experience.  ~Jeff

 Claudio knows how to tailor your workouts to meet your needs but also have fun at the same time. He's extremely positive, supportive, and motivational! I highly recommend!  ~Leilanie

 Amanda and Claudio have been extremely helpful in reaching my fitness goals. Working out with them is fun and effective, be prepared to work!  ~Andrea

 Claudio has been my personal trainer since September 2017 and the results have been amazing! Claudio is very knowledgeable, motivating, caring, fun, and very good at tailoring each session to what's best individually. He will even do a few minutes of myofascial release on the painful areas.  I have experienced significant improvements in core strength and other muscle groups, posture, mobility, and energy levels. The chronic pain in my back, neck, and knees has been greatly reduced. ~Leann